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Welcome to Flatfile! This tutorial will guide you through creating a custom app on Flatfile’s powerful platform.

Before you begin

If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Flatfile account here.

To go through this tutorial you’ll need a Flatfile account. We’ll be using the credentials from your free account to assemble your first data import experience.

In your account use the quickcopy button to copy your secrets key from the API Keys & Secrets page. You’re about to use this credential to setup a listener in your account.

Creating a custom app

In your Flatfile dashboard, click the + next to the Platform Apps header to create a custom app. Name is red for the sake of this demonstration.

Take note of the namespace that was auto-generated from the name of your App. It should be red. You’ll need this soon.

Building your custom app

Building a basic data import experience with Flatfile involves a four-step process:

During this guided tutorial you’ll learn about key concepts and features of Flatfile, and get familiar with the tooling Flatfile provides to help developers build the best possible data import experience for your users.

Next steps

Let’s get started by configuring a listener you’ll use later: Setup a Listener.