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Effortlessly handle and manipulate data, irrespective of its source or format. Whether arriving as CSV, PDF, XML, or various other types, data can seamlessly be extracted to coexist within your Workbook.

Handling data

Data Hooks are concise functions that automatically re-format, correct, validate, and enrich data during the data import process. These hooks can be executed on a record (row) using your own custom logic.

Dynamic Configurations

Spaces are micro-applications, each has its own database, filestore, and auth. Clone this example to dynamically configure a Space from scratch, and update it as things change.

Using Actions

Tailor your workflow to integrate with and optimize your existing processes with Actions. Actions are custom code-based operations that can be configured wherever that Action is mounted: Space, Workbook, or Sheet.


Localization enables you to tailor the language and text in your Flatfile Space. Learn how to translate and customize your Space with text overrides.


Secrets are securely stored key-value pairs associated with either an Environment or a Space. Use Secrets to store any credentials that your Flatfile implementation might need to work with your data or integrate with other systems.


Namespaces are a way to group your Spaces in an organizational schema that makes sense for your business. Narrow the scope of your operations by matching on a Namespace.


Contextualize your data by storing and retrieving additional information about an Environment, Space, Record, or Field without exposing it to end users.


After importing, validating, and transforming it, your data now needs to be integrated into another system. Learn how to forward your data to its destination.


Use Flatfile to deliver an adaptable but completely automated, behind-the-scenes, data experience, leveraging a human in the middle only when necessary.


Documents are standalone webpages that reside in your Flatfile Space. Documents are extremely useful and can be updated with dynamically generated content as Events occur.

Guest Sidebar

Flatfile allows you to update your sidebar to hide and show certain elements. Learn how to create a sidebar configuration, configuring it dynamically for different user experiences.


Tailor the visual identity of Flatfile to harmonize with your brand aesthetics. Our smart theming allows you to transform your space with a single API call.

Embedded Wrappers